Jenkins and SSL: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority error


David Fava

David Fava


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Jenkins and SSL: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority error

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This is something that really run me mad and took a while to have it sorted. Unfortunately there is not much documentation online, therefore I am posting this for personal reference and to help others who could stumble upon the same issue.

I needed to set-up a private Docker registry at Rigoblock.com as part of our CI/CD setup and obviously we wanted it over https.

This can be achieved easily with Letsencrypt just by following a couple of on-line tutorials, but it happens that I had a COMODO wildcard certificate for our testing domain.

Jenkins can be run with something like this:

However, make sure that REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE is the entire certificate chain. With COMODO certificates you can achieve that with something like the following:

and then run the above docker command with:

Similarly, if you decide to put Jenkins behind a nginx proxy, as we did, make sure that the server section includes the following configuration variable:

David Fava

David Fava

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