Installing Wok and Kimchi on CentOS 7.x


David Fava

David Fava


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Installing Wok and Kimchi on CentOS 7.x

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I’ve been looking for a nice graphical front-end for KVM for an CentOS host. I stumbled across Kimchi and decided to try it out.

Here are the installation steps.

1) Installing Kimchi:

2) Adding non-root user for Kimchi access:

Them edit sudoers file with visudo and add the following line:

3) Configuring HTTPs access:
Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/wok.conf and add in server section:
Also comment out any existing SSL configuration line.
Reload nginx:
Creating a SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt:

Updating Diffie-Hellman Parameters. Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/wok.conf and past the following line anywhere within the server block:
Save the file and quit your editor, then verify the configuration:
Restart nginx:
Setting Up Auto Renewal:
4) Finally load https://YOUR_KVM_SERVER:8001 in your web browser and login using kimchi credentials.
David Fava

David Fava

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